DS.AUTOMOTIVE formerly German Tuning Fanatics has been around since 2013 and organizes several exclusive events for car enthusiasts in the Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden Württemberg and Bavaria area.


DS.AUTOMOTIVE is a brand-open label and describes the extravagant lifestyle to the car as well as the bond in the scene. Nice cars, nice conversations and the same hobby turn strangers into friends at meetings. Whether tuning, oldtimers, youngtimers, supercars, US cars or bikes and quads. Everyone is welcome to have fun with us and make the day unforgettable.


DS.AUTOMOTIVE has been working with various well-known cooperation partners as well as photographers and video productions for years. If you are interested, you can send us an email for a cooperation request.



My name is Daniel Scheucher and I have been the organizer and business owner of former German Tuning Fanatics, now DS.AUTOMOTIVE, since 2013. I organize exclusive and larger car shows in the Rhineland-Palatinate, Baden Württemberg and Bavaria area.


I will take care of print media, social media content and event planning. I get organizational support on the event days from an always loyal and wonderful club called "Troublemakers".


I was interested in cars at an early age and bought my first tuning magazines when I was 14. My children's room was decorated with numerous posters from these booklets. Then later the first car followed, the first meetings, the first club and the first conversions. When I had difficult days, screwing the car distracted me and kept me out of everyday life.


In 2013, the idea of having its own community came up. So the name and the logo for German Tuning Fanatics were designed in one long night. After a request to a company to sponsor flyers for this community, the whole thing became a registered company.

Soon after, the next step for me was to set up an event. This is how the first "Day of Asphalt" event came about in Landau an der Isar in Bavaria. Little by little, further discussions took place with different owners of various places for further events.


As a result, I was able to win a few unique locations, such as an airfield, fairground, the Sinsheim Technology Museum and a castle with a castle garden and castle courtyard. Since 2019 I have also been the official external organizer for the Technik Museum Sinsheim.


In cooperation with the museum, we have several projects on the premises, such as the official preview of Fast & Furious, tuning nights, tuning shows and drift events. But also other services, such as B. the search for suitable exhibition vehicles for companies worthy of name, promotion events and support for other organizers are part of DS AUTOMOTIVE!



Every year I organize around 6 - 7 events, including three main events. For me it's a hobby that has developed into a company. You get to know a lot of new people and I am very proud when the events are well received by the people.


  • Search for suitable vehicles for trade fairs

  • Search on behalf of suitable vehicles for video shoots

  • Promotion at events and social media for companies

  • Supporting support for event setup or projects

  • Mediation of dealers and service providers

  • Collecting donations for a good cause

  • Raffle campaigns on social media